Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sweet Mystery of Life... Hey, Where Did It Go?

On occasion, I've been known to ponder the imponderable of Pappy's mongrel ancestry-- the enigma of what breeds of dog he truly is. It's a pleasant way to while away the hours.

Then, on this morning's news, I saw a bit about MMI Genomics of neighboring Beltsville, Maryland. They are coming out with a "Canine Heritage" DNA test to determine the genetic background of your mutt. Now DNA testing to verify a registered AKC dog's parentage has been around for a while. But the challenge of determining whether this dog came from that dog is comparitively simple. These guys are saying that they are putting together a shrink-wrapped kit that will unravel the milkshake that is your mutt, and tell you how many scoops of which kind of dog ice cream went into him. Scientists are such killjoys.

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