Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Great Obelisk

2001I wouldn't call Pappy your classical obedient walker. Occasionally he is like a pinball following his nose and impulses every whichway, but not like some self-strangulating beagles of my past. But there is one point in our morning walk where he just manhauls me to this little strip of grass where he sometimes stops to poop, leading up to a phone pole where he always stops to pee.

The interesting thing is that we had a nice little snowfall this week, and for the first time I saw the pawprints of every dog in the neighborhood following the same processional path down that strip of grass to that phone pole. I get the whole "let's sniff each other's pee" compulsion among dogs, but this is something more. There's some bizarre ritual significance to this pole.

Gotta go, Pappy's licking all the road salt off my shoes in anticipation of his walk.


FleasGang said...

I always wondered if the most current "pee" cancels out the rest or is it like a layered cake where you can sniff your way all the way down to the bottom and see who was there first. Just wondering.

Pappy's Fella said...

Interesting question. I keep seeing comparisons between sniffing a phone pole and reading a newspaper, so I am going to say all the rich and varied scents remain.

Charlie said...

Great post; I'll be on the lookout for this phenomenon!
- Charlie's mom

Pappy's Fella said...

Charlie's Mom,
If it's spreading, we may have cause for worry.

Pappy's Fella said...

As a secret bonus to those of you checking comments-- I noticed one of the referrals to my site was someone using Google translations to view the site in Spanish. So I did what comes naturally and translated this post from Spanish back to English:

Pappy would not call your to walker obedient classic. It is from time to time like an automatic billiards that follows its nose and impulses each whichway, but not like some beagles of the one sameone of my past. But there is a point in our long walk in the morning where he as soon as manhauls I to this small strip of the grass where it stops sometimes for poop, leading to a post of the telephone where he always stops to make piss. The interesting thing is that we had small made snow-white pleasant this week, and I saw for the first time pawprints of each dog in the vicinity that down followed the same trajectory of the processional which they pelan of grass to that post of the telephone. With himself the obligation of piss of each one of the set “I let to us smell” between dogs, but this one is something more. Stranger to this post is a certain ritual meaning. She was able to go, Pappy that licked all the salt of the way of my shoes in anticipation his long walk.