Friday, February 23, 2007

Prices, My How You've Grown

The hard part about getting older is that your sense of the value of things is set when you first start paying your own way, and you never quite adjust as prices progressively balloon.

My wife went to the hair stylist yesterday, and was horrified to realize that the price of a basic 'do with tip is fast approaching the century mark. I dropped out of the barbering market a few years ago when a haircut that used to cost me $5 was beginning to push $20-- of course Mr. Yi did throw in a nice neck massage with a vibrating gizmo. Now I've got a set of hair clippers; bzzzt, bzzzt, bzzzt, and I'm done. Of course now that I've tuned in, turned on, and dropped out, I can probably never reconcile myself to paying for a decent professional haircut again.

Thankfully, Pappy is a grooming bargain-- slow-growing hair, no mats, minimal brushing and shedding. So far we've just done a little trimming around his derriere, and that's about it. Of course there was that dreadful $400 razor cut that came with his stitches. Our vet has an unfortunate sense of style, but at least Pappy didn't come away with a mullet.


Baily said...

hi pappy

my mommy shaves me herself too. i don't like the whole shaving around the butt business though....i'd rather have that part untouched!

puppy kisses

Gus said...

Muzzer has not figured out the proper technique for "stripping" me, so every time she tries, I go to the groomer.

She's thinking I should just look like a wooly lamb and be done with it!

My haircuts cost more than hers do, hehe

Pappy's Fella said...

That would be Pappy's sentiments too, but his mommy keeps him in a headlock during the procedure.

Technique, smechnique. Get a Flowbee!