Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hippy Hippy Shake

Hippy Hippy ShakeWhat exactly is the deal with Pappy's full body shake? He does it when he's wet, he does it when he's dry, he does it when he wakes up, pretty much whenever the mood strikes him. It's a sinuous movement, starting at the tip of the nose, working it's way back to the end of the tail, followed by a quick prance to walk it off.

I might have thought he was getting the hair out of his eyes, except I've seen plenty of short haired dogs doing it. I had a friend with a dog who was convinced the sole purpose of her dog's shake was to jingle her tags until my friend got out of bed. There are some opinions on the internet about shaking off bugs. Fascinating.


"Sunshine" said...

Here's one explanation you may want to consider. Of course, that is if it fits the context in which he typically "Hippy Hippy Shakes."

Becky said...

maggie does it, too. i love how it is the only time that her tail is ever straightened out to its full length. and i can always see it coming before it starts... there's a slight head twist, and then it moves like a wave down her body until it reaches the tip of her straightened tail.

3dogcache said...

How 'bout "I'm all done, thank you very much" shake? 3dogs

Pappy's Fella said...

Thanks for expanding on the mystery.

The shake is the one and true defining characteristic of dogs of all breeds. I wish I had some slow motion film of the whole event.

Are we talking the brush off shake?