Wednesday, February 21, 2007

His Master's Voice

Pappy's not a big listener. I can bellow "NO," and he'll wag his tail expecting a treat. But this weekend something bizarre happened.

I was visiting my father at the old folks home, and Pappy spotted a wee terrier way down the corridor. Pappy goes all wolfman barky snarly around other dogs when on leash, so that's a situation best avoided around seniors. We turned off the hallway into a side room, and, as I was sitting down, Pappy pulled loose. He tore out of the room and down the corridor with me in pursuit. I have no idea what I said, but Pappy suddenly pulled up short, hunkered down and looked miserable. That has never worked before. I felt bad that I scared him, but, man, I wish I knew what I did. Those magic words could come in handy someday.


Angeerah said...

If you remember those words, let me know. Finnegan thinks it is appropriate to stand two inches from my face and stare at me for no explicable reason while I'm trying to watch important news shows like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood. I mean really, the dog has no priorities.

Finnegan's Mom

Pappy's Fella said...

Pfinnegan's Mom,
I'm just going to have to test different word combinations on Pappy to see if I can recreate the effect. I'll publish the dissertation when I'm done.