Sunday, January 12, 2014

Passing of a Blog

Well, it's coming up on five years since my last post in this blog. Pappy is doing wonderfully as he approaches his ninth birthday, a little groan-ier but chasing balls and walking miles like a pup. I'm now retired, and available to throw balls and walk miles like never before. I'm also painting pictures, and preparing for our big move to North Carolina. As I was updating my art blog a couple of days ago, I found that Flickr, which I use for hosting photos, had made changes that made embedding photos pure misery. In a fit of pique, I cancelled my Flickr Pro subscription and prepared to move to another photo site. What that means is that in mid May this blog will be deader than it already is. All the photos and graphics will go the way of the dinosaur, and all that will be left is a windswept ghost town of a blog. In memory of the blog for any former followers who may be out there, I put together this PDF to encapsulate the history of Pappy's blog. Party on.