Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's Fate

Yesterday, on Pappy's and my morning walk, I lost one of my gloves that I got for Christmas. Fortunately I found it on our evening walk right where Pappy had stopped to do his business, a little damp but no worse for wear. Unfortunately I lost it again on this morning's walk, and Pappy didn't stop to do his business this time. And a storm is blowing in promising a half inch of ice everywhere to foil recovery efforts. And the coffee overflowed the filter holder because I didn't put the pot in the coffee maker correctly. And I've got a dentist's appointment this morning. And the commute home is sure to be a nightmare because of the weather.

To the question-- "how's it going?" -- I'm fond of replying "fan-tastic, never had a bad day" in honor of an old mentor. The way I'm feeling, this day may make me a liar. Is it really Tuesday the 13th? It's feeling more like a Friday for all the wrong reasons.


Jude said...

In South America, Tuesday the 13th is considered the unlucky day, not Friday the 13th. When I lived in Chile (a million years ago), they renamed the movie Friday the 13th to Tuesday the 13th.

So maybe you are having a Latin American kind of day. :)

Pappy's Fella said...

Hmmm. I work just downstairs from the Latin America & Caribbean unit of my organization. Maybe bad luck is seeping through the floorboards.

Gayle said...

Oh no.... not the gloves that Max loves so much!

Pappy's Fella said...

Don't worry... the dog park gloves are safe and sound for Max attacks. These were my fancy Sunday-goin'-to-meeting gloves.

They sent us home early today, so I performed a daylight search of the morning walk route. No trace of the lost glove emerged from the newly fallen sleet.

Scrappy said...

Sounds like you were doomed to lose that glove. I could do with some of that ice down under there is a serious drought happening here.

Happy Valendoggy day Pappy

Tail wags

Pappy's Fella said...

On balance, I think we are still running under near-drought conditions despite the new preciptation. A paradox-- global warming makes us worry that the sky is falling, because there isn't enough falling from the sky.