Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ball Buster

Busted BallsPappy and I went out dog curling last night, and he was looking left when I threw right. The net result is that the last time I saw the little rubber bouncy ball it was building momentum as it rolled down an ice coated slope into the darkness. The ensuing search revealed no ball. I might have had better luck if I could have persuaded Pappy that I wasn't just hiding the ball, so that he might apply his bloodhounding skills to the task.

He had been using that ball for months, so when I went into the bag of new balls I thought we had a lifetime supply. He broke the new ball in two within ten minutes. I figured that one had a bad seam, so I got out a second ball. That one he demolished by the end of the evening. I figured it was just a case that that he was too focused on chewing the new ball rather than chasing it until broken in. All the tennis balls at the dog park were going to be buried in ice, so I brought along one of his last two balls. I bet the suspense is killing you. Yes, he tore it in two, and then wanted to play catch one half at a time.

So now I am down to one new ball, and I am afraid to give it to our little ball mauler. I'm going to have to head out to the curling pitch and see if I can't hunt up the missing ball, else Pappy is going to have to change vocations.


Gus said...

Very interesting still life!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My real name is (ball) buster, but I believe it is more anatomical.

Bussie Kissies

Jude said...

Those other blogs don't hold a candle to this one, so if you don't win, you know the voting was fixed. :)

Minou and Birdie's Mommy said...

GOOD LUCK with the awesome blog of the month.
Keep the broken balls until Easter - they look like easter eggs.

Nugget said...

Hi Pappy, destroying balls is a hobby of mine too!

Pappy's Fella said...

Feel free to make one of your own... it's easy!

Owww? Hey, get well soon.

Perhaps spayed rather than fixed. Sadly, I've always felt out of place as a person in a dog's world.

Minou's Mom,
Thanks. I'm afraid my wife isn't as understanding as you about me keeping crap around. I have my quarantine areas, and the dining room isn't one.

You're too cute by half. But that Ozzy makes me want to adopt another dog.