Monday, November 13, 2006

NaBloPoMo Analysis

Since I've been participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), I have been noticing a couple of things, which I find interesting.

  • As a "duh" kind of stat, my hits are way up-- easily doubling the previous month. Not all of this comes from NaBloPoMo, but probably a third of it does. Thanks to everyone, and come on back.
  • Entropy seems to be affecting NaBloPoMo participants. Most people seem to be keeping up with their posts, but the enthusiasm in surfing the different sites seems to be dying down (my own enthusiasm included), and I see a lot fewer comments from random visitors. Again, this isn't so unexpected.
  • This last one does surprise me: I'm noticing some NaBloPoMo sites in the randomizer that are blocked, allowing only access by invitation. I came across two in a row Sunday morning, and I am pretty sure I remember one was public access when the event started.

I'm thinking that some participants were a little freaked out at the responses they were getting from the non-regular visitors on their sites. I can imagine getting a comment that would creep me out, but dogs blogs aren't much of a lightening rod for loonies-- well, not that kind of loony. I like the loonies I get.

P.S. Ailing Pappy is much improved. He's toddling up and down the stairs with ease, wagging his tail, and is even playing a little slow-motion ball. Now he just whines because he's bored, bored, bored.


Gus said...

Food will fix him. I recommend Omaha steaks, which Trav's mum sent for his birthday (from her aerie in Oxford). Trav shared. Yummy. Bet it would perk Pappy up!

Healing Wirey Kisses

Pappy's Fella said...

'Fraid we're the wicked stepmother when it comes to food. Though we aren't far from it, we don't give him meals aside from his Artemis kibble. We mix up special Kong or frozen treats, but not a lot of meats and people food.

Boo said...

hey pappy's fella,

just to let you know i visit you via dogs with blogs! every morning or evening i'll do one round of checking out fellow doggie blog and leave a "valuable" comment.

sometime we like to know if anyone is reading our blog - even a dog blog, a comment is valuable, at least for me!

wet wet licks... to a recovering pappy


PoenyStormRider said...

if food doesnt work.. how about a holiday trip.. beach? snorkelling? or u want try diving.. ?!!? woff woff..

Leigh-Ann said...

Hello! You left a comment on my blog, "The Blog Pound", but when I tried to reply to it, it was gone. I think it got lost in my server move -- it must have been left on the old database. Anyway, I tried to write you a letter of apology to the email addy you used to sign my blog, and was told, "this user doesn't have a Yahoo account". So, I'm just here to say hello, to apologize for your vanishing comment, and to say that I think Pappy is a cutie pie!

Pappy's Fella said...

Boo, Peony,
Thanks for the visits. I think the secret to solving Pappy's boredom is to ramp up the activity-- but it's not quite time. A beach vacation would probably be just the thing for both of us.

Leigh-Ann, I've been reading your server saga. I'm a geek, but you have pretty much terrified me out of ever owning a web server.