Friday, November 03, 2006

Foiling PtTD

Yesterday we wandered into the Big Bad Woof with hopes of finding a new challenge for "Pappy the Toy Destroya" (henceforth, PtTD). Next to the door we noticed these Tibetan boiled wool toys. They looked smelly and tough, just the thing to keep PtTD entertained when he's taking a break from making potholders of his other stuffed toys.

When we got home, PtTD was instantly nose first into the bag. After the presentation ceremony, he started doing his toss-it-up-and-prance celebration over the new toys. He even tried a feeble tug o' war with the ring, but this isn't one of his strong suits; his neck's pretty puny.

While we were eating dinner he set to work on the pumpkin toy, which had a nice little two inch stem sticking out of the top. He finally managed to tear this off only to find... What? NO STUFFING? This thing is a SOLID LUMP OF FELT? It blew his mind.

Since that discovery, PtTD hasn't shown a whole lot of interest in the pumpkin. Everytime I try and play with him using the ring, he takes it into another room and puts it away. It seems that these toys have violated his sense of order.


3dogcache said...

Think i'm gonna have to check out this Big Bad Wolf for myself.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Heya guys! I posted a picture of some of my bunnies in my post for today too! The blue red and white one is called a Kahuna and is guaranteed indestructible.

Bussie Kissies

Pappy's Fella said...

We'll see how these boiled wool things go. I thought the orange oven-mitt was going to give him more of a fight, but I guess it was just a knock-off of the real Kahunas.

Becky said...

i cannot believe my eyes. your pappy looks EXACTLY like my maggie! i mean, I have never seen a dog look so much like my own girl. i at first glance, i was like, "who took photos of my dog?"

pappy is gorgeous. but i may be biased.