Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! And, for those of you outside the US, have a great day at the office!

These are the things I am thankful about with Pappy:

  1. That he's naturally good despite our lousy training regimen. It makes me think I have control of animals through pure force of will-- call me Beastmaster.
  2. That he's so fond of the manly art of ball retrieving. I grew up chucking rocks at stuff, and throwing things around seems like a good guy-bonding activity. It lets me know he's no sissy.
  3. That he doesn't get into cabinets, trashcans, counter tops, or general mischief when we are at work. I know that crates are wonderful and natural and not the least bit like a prison cell, but I'm glad we don't have to use one.
  4. That he's a bizarre combination of graceful beast and gangly bag-of-bones. When he stops to sniff something, his hip is pointing the wrong way while his elbow and shoulder look dislocated. Then he'll just pop up and prance away like a Lipizzaner Stallion.
  5. That he groans when he's lying around and wants attention. Apart from being hilarious, it lets me know that Pappy is the right name for him.
  6. That his hair is so perfect. No brushing, no shedding, and always ready for a photo op.
  7. That we found him.
  8. That he would rather be with us than anybody else.
Pappy Doing A Turkey Impression


3dogcache said...

Beastmaster? Hmm, perhaps we should just call you DoG...Delusions of Grandeur. Perhaps serendipity would be a better way to describe you and Pappy finding each other. Happy Gobble day. 3dogs

Gus said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Pappy from Gus, Teka and Travis. We're happy to be together today, grateful for our bloggy pals, and thankful that muzzer is not cooking Teka like she threatened to to this morning at 5 ayem


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Trussed Pappy! That's cute! Happy T-day

Bussie Kissies

Pappy's Fella said...

3Dog, Gus, Buster... Happy Turkey Day to all. Pappy's stitches are out and he got his first bath since his misadventure (he was overdue then). He's pretty as a picture.

Toby said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Toby and Family! Oh, Mommy thinks your picture is just too adorable.


Axiológico said...

delicious dog hehehhehe