Monday, September 10, 2007

Running Dog

2007-01-15-1537-06I generally run from home once a week early on Sundays, and Pappy has always been excited to come out with me. He starts out strong dragging me along behind, fades after a few minutes, and then keeps a well-matched pace to the finish. I started running every day on vacation, and for the first days he'd get up with me at the crack of dawn raring to come along. Then he was getting up with me, but seemed a little draggy while running the route. Finally, he stopped getting up with me. I'd head downstairs with my running gear and potter around for a few minutes, but no Pappy. I'd head out alone, but as soon as I returned Pappy would be waiting at the front door to lick sweat off my legs. Now that we're back home Pappy seems to have adopted this strategy for Sunday morning runs. While I'm heading out he's sleeping in, but he's there waiting for me when I get back. Do you suppose he's trying to tell me something?


Gus said...

He likes salty stuff?

Pappy's Fella said...

And he doesn't like running when there's no ball involved.

Jackson said...

Errr, I think he's smart! Lazing in on a Sunday morning is the best! J x