Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Equipping for Night Operations

As I've mentioned before, we are late in the season and days are getting shorter. Saying more on the subject just depresses me. The flashlight I was using on dog walks last year has disappeared, so I was searching for a replacement. Though infrared thermal imagers might be helpful in spotting steaming targets, they are bulky and aren't very helpful in making one visible to passing traffic. So I searched around Amazon, and came across these compact LED flashlights for $2.99. As with many bargains on the internet the shipping and handling charges were atrocious, but I bought a bunch of them and figured the overall cost was acceptable.

I'm not a huge gimmick lover, but, boy, technology is finally paying dividends. I've never been so excited about a flashlight. It's much smaller than my old flashlight, and it's metal case seems sturdy and water resistant. And, man alive, those nine LEDs are bright. When Pappy starts hunkering down to put on his show, I shine that spotlight on him and it's like a Broadway premiere. The audience doesn't miss a thing.

In honor of "International Talk Like a Pirate Day", you can go to this link and type in our URL ( to get a full translation of Pappy's blog into piratese.


Murphey said...

Ohhh, I'm just visualizing that Broadway Show, Two Paws UP!!! Or would that be one butt down....
I think we might have to get us some for our night time walks. The lady wears a big orange jacket with light reflectors, but it doesn't helo when I do my stuff.


Joe Stains said...

we got our shirt today and Mom loves it! she will take some photos of me modeling it and put them on my blog later this week!

3dogcache said...

hmm, perhaps you could just lend me a 9led to try out. Ellie is still looking for someone to "have honor bagging her poo" while I'm away, and I'm sure all thos 9 led flashlights would come in might handy...hint, hint. And I liked all that piratese, ya old mate.


Pappy's Fella said...

Get about a hundred of them. You can give the family four or five each for Xmas presents. One's just not enough. By the way, the 21 LED version isn't probably worth it. It's probably a bit brighter, but not noticeably more useful.

I'm almost as excited by your shirt than I am about my flashlight.

Have you broken Ellie of that sofa-eating habit yet?

Dory and Liza said...

"I nay be a gimmick lover" - I appreciated the info on the light but loved the link to the pirate speak -

Have a great weekend - Dory and liza

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

I loved that pirate link!


Jackson said...

Hey pal, it must be a sign of getting older to be excited by a flashlight. Sadly, J1 was also very excited and is thinking about making a purchase. Sigh. Jx

lerxst said...

I love my 9-led light! The batteries last forever and it's super bright. I've had people comment they could see my light 1/2 a mile down the road when walking with my German Shepherd!