Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dim and Dimmer

After returning from our three week vacation up north, it pains me to report that it's now dark during my early morning walks with Pappy. Pretty soon I'm going to have to switch to my winter walking route so that I have streetlights to illuminate my poo bagging activities. The excitement of the days getting longer in the spring never quite makes up for the despair when they get shorter in the fall.


3dogcache said...

Hmm, poo bagging activities. Sounds very important.

Enjoy those streetlights, 3dogs

Gus said...

Maybe you could figure out something nutritous, not harmful and very tasty to feed Pappy that would turn his poop flourescent. Muzzer just carries a flashlight. She is not very high tech, huh?

Pappy's Fella said...

Those guys who painted the radium watch dials in the 1920s had glowing droppings from licking the brushes. Perhaps we could find Pappy some gainful employment.

Yes, I am a canine sanitation engineer.

e said...

You hit the proverbial nail on the head there, you did!
Add to that the high pleasure of light sticking to the horizon well past 9 in the summer here in the NW--and you've got an emotional roller coaster!

I remember that radium story.... We carry little clip on bike lights with powerful LEDs....its fun...;-)