Sunday, September 23, 2007

At the Dog Park



Minou and Birdie's Mommy said...

do you really have snow already???? eeps!

Pappy's Fella said...

M & B's Mom,
No snow before November 'round here. Just stone dust. It's actually a pretty good surface for a dog park-- durable and doesn't get muddy.

Maggie & Mitch said...

Wow, those winds are STRONG!!!! They'll blow all the cobwebs right off you, Pappy!

Love ya lots,

Flirt the Squirt said...

what a nice homage to marcel marceau.


Pappy's Fella said...

Holy cow, Marcel and I must have had a psychic link or something. I had no idea he had shuffled off this mortal coil yesterday (imagine a man pushing his way out of an invisible potato sack, and wafting about like a feather in an updraft).

Cobwebs don't get a chance to form on our manic boy. Well, when he isn't napping.

Asta said...

Don't blow away pleez..andI'll cewtainly leave the powch light on..the pawty will keep going fow a long time so come whenevew you can
see you thewe
smoochie kisses

Murphey said...

A Marcel Marceau tribute, WOW, even though ya didn't know.

Murph LOL