Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Lurker

    "Pappy is a benevolent despot who rules with a velvet paw" -- My Wife

A couple of times in the last week my wife subtly mentioned I ought to use the above as a theme in a blog posting. When I offered to make her a contributor on the blog so that she could post (in a tone best described as "goading" or "needling"), she demurred. On the way home this evening she again suggested that perhaps I ought to use it as a theme.

Family Portrait
For the first five months of its existence, the blog was basically just an exchange between me and my wife. I'd post something without mentioning it, then she'd go and read it the next day. A good day consisted of about four visitors on the site, almost entirely divided between the two of us. She's a lurker, so you'll notice as recently as September an ACPP (average comments per post) of nada. Then came the fateful October day when I came out of the dog blogging closet, and the comments and visitors went up.

Despite her lurker status, my wife is a bigger booster for the blog than I. She's always the first to mention Pappy's blog and movies to new friends while I'm still trying to feign normalcy. Despite that, concerning her suggested theme, I think Pappy is "Our Lord and Master" rather than a "benevolent despot". And I'm the blog's sole contributor. La, la, la.


Gus said...

Hmmm...interesting how these minor things develop into all consuming passions. I knew we were in real trouble when Gus got more Christmas cards than the rest of us combined. Is there a twelve step program to help people with this addiction, or do we start our own?

Gussie's Muzzer

Finnegan said...

We are glad you finally accepted Pappy is your "Lord and Master". Now you can move forward with this acceptance.

We've accepted that the cats and dog are in charge of our household. We no longer question it.

Finnegan's Mom

FleasGang said...

As a fellow "married, middle-class caucasian male" I whole-heartedly relate to your situation. In a blogging world seeming dominated by female dog bloggers, my wife too is the one who says "you need to put that on the site" or "we need to dress them up as darth vadar, princess leigha, and hans solo for the blog". BUT she too is a non-contributor. What's up with that?

Amy said...

I can't really relate to all that lurker, non-contributor stuff. Must make for interesting fodder. Though I do agree with above said WIFE, that he is a "benevolent despot leading with a velvet hand." Pappy is definetely the KING in that house.

Enjoy, 3dogs

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Why do you assume that we are not normal? It is obviously the rest of the dog owned not blogging world that is off half a bubble.

C-K-C's mom

Pappy's Fella said...

The question is whether you really want to come off it-- blogging is such a rush!

The problem with being a boss is you end up serving your team more than you are served. Ditto the whole owner thing.

Hey, they are our first and best fans. At least my wife is interested in it.

At least I'm king of the blog.

History is written by the victors. Normalcy is determined by the majority. We need more bloggers.

Tierre said...

You started your blog on Sept 6th of last year. I started mine on the next day. If you checked out the September archive, you'll see "0 comments" (well except for a couple days.

Tierre (TY-ree)

Pappy's Fella said...

Though I didn't specify, I actually started Pappy's blog around mid-May of last year. I have a few prior pre-dated postings because I transferred in a few articles that I had posted elsewhere. Between May and October I could count the total number of comments I got on one hand and a foot. Boy, that was a long explanation!

Tierre said...