Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Feel-Good Story, But Dog Not Feeling So Good

I came across this on PetPeeves, which is an interesting blog covering the beat at a Veterinary ER. It is a great human interest story, where terrier mutts, corn dogs, and induced vomiting combine to give you broader perspective into the canine condition. And what a happy ending-- I got chills when everybody started cheering after the dog barfed.


Sweets-littlebigman said...

Mmmm! Yummy. Glad to have read that Codi was okay.


Dachsies Rule said...

Pet Peeves is the first blog we ever read and it, Zach's and Isabella's are the reasons we started to blog. And from there we met all kinds of people and dogs who blog.

We are glad Codi was ok but were amazed that the thing wasn't even chewed up!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Pappy's Fella said...

It is a nice story, despite the somewhat icky outcome.

I noticed your comment on the PetPeeves posting as I was later reviewing it. On the "not even chewed up" topic, nothing surpises me anymore. I have to hold on to food and make Pappy chew bits off to keep him from swallowing it whole.

Charlie said...

What a great story! Reminds me of the time puppy Charlie swallowed a toy mouse. Love those happy endings!!