Saturday, March 24, 2007

Independence or Despair?

Of late Pappy has developed a new habit. Up until a couple of months ago he would follow us around and flop down wherever we happened to be. When we were watching TV, he'd bring out a string of toys and play fetch in the house.

More recently he comes to check on us a couple of times, and then takes himself off to his bed. We'll be wondering where he's gone, and he's upstairs snoozing away. It makes us feel kind of guilty, that we are that boring. It seems like an ad for antidepressants: "Do you sleep all the time? Do you lie alone in the dark? No longer enjoy your favorite pastimes? Ask your vet about puppy uppers."


Maggie said...

Before Mitch came, I'd go off to be by myself when I was hot and I needed a haircut. Is this why you're being anti-social Pappy?

Love ya lots,

jan said...

Sometimes I think they need to be alone with their thoughts to keep in touch with their doggie roots.

jan said...

...but we shouldn't discount the fact that maybe we humans can be a little boring.

Pappy's Fella said...

Hairy as he is, Pappy's coat is actually pretty thin-- dries in five minutes thin. Of course he has a metabolism like a dynamo, so he could be a bit warm.

Well, the attractive interpretation is that he feels a bit more secure and less clingy. Also, a simple change is that the nicely padded carpet in the TV room has been replaced with a thin unpadded carpet. He may just be looking for a comfier place to lay down.

Bella said...

Hi Pappy,
I just saw BWBTV for the first time & saw your winning video - fantastic ! and I jsut wanted to say congratulations!
ps perhaps Pappy is just needing his space like any good pop star

Becky said...

i think it's security - he knows you're not going to abandon him, so he feels comfortable enough to leave you alone and take a nap without worrying that you're gonna disappear forever. but that's just a theory.

Pappy's Fella said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

I suspect you are correct, plus he is mellowing a bit with age. It just seemed so sudden...