Saturday, October 14, 2006

Selling Out

That's right, Pappy's Dog Blog has sold out. We've signed up with several dog blog registries in hopes of expanding the audience of the site beyond my wife and me. There's no denying it... we are a d-o-g b-l-o-g.

By the way, welcome to all of you folks arriving via or! Delighted to have you! Make yourself at home! Just ignore that selling out comment, 'kay?

To all of my long-time visitors, I can promise the same bitter cynicism mixed into the unabashed, mooshy, dog-love articles. We won't pander to dog owners, because we want to retain our very tiny crossover demographic of normal humans. This is in keeping with our mission of sucking all of you into adopting your own dog so that you too have something to blog about. By the way, have you visited lately?

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