Friday, March 30, 2007

Solved: The Mystery of Pappy Dog

For a long time now I have been getting a lot of Google hits on the term "Pappy Dog", particularly from South American countries. It seemed like a pretty remote possibility that anyone in Chile had developed an attachment to our terrier hero, but what was going on here? I finally took the five seconds required to conduct a web search, and found a Spanish language music video of "Pappy Dog" by the Reggaeton Boys.

Feeling it was pretty important to understand what they were saying about my dog, I settled down to creating a translation of the lyrics to English. My wife applied her college Spanish and I applied Google Translate to the task. In the end, I'm not sure it really explains as much as it should.

tranquilo tranquilo boby
ja ja ja ja
tranquilo chiquitin,enanin
ja ja ja ja
oye oye oye
no lloren no lloren
ya les dije tu sabes quien mas
reggaeton boys

soy tu pappy dog
tu eres mi sexy doll
te doy mi fotolog
manmi agrega mi flog
si queri un hot dog
enchufate con mi plug
tu eres mi sexy doll
y yo soy tu pappy dog.(2x)

soy tu pappy doga
tu perro de siempre
tu sabes tu casanova
pide lo que quieras
tu sabes que vamos a toda
me gusta mas bien
cuando te vistes a la moda
my sexy lova
cometela toda
como que tu quieras
y tambien con salsa soya
suavecito despacito
que ya no andas sola
bailotea y aulla como una loba
mi regalona.

manmi relaxy
cuando tu te mueves shorty
tu te ves bien sexy
bailame ese dembow
que viene de dj dac(xy)
dale hasta bajo hasta que se vea el coxy
entre en catarsis(2x)


eh eh
guayame guayame guaya
tocame tocame toca
gritame gritame grita
eh eh eh eh(2x)

soy tu bullterry
el perro guardian
del castillo del doctor larry
aqui no se permite
el juego de tom and jerry
correte escondete escapate
llego el papurry
eres mi mamurry(2x)


ja ja ja ja
mas chiquito que un chiguagua
oye chiguawini
ja ja ja ja tu saaaabes
oye dj dac los bullterry.
nos fuimos pa

Calm, calm Boby
Ya ya ya ya
Calm little one, dwarf
Ya ya ya ya
Listen listen listen
Don't you cry, don't you cry
Anyone will tell you who are the
Reggaeton Boys

I am your Pappy Dog
You are my sexy doll
I give you my photo album
Manmi adding my flog
If you want a hot dog
Plug into me
You are my sexy doll
And I am your Pappy Dog.(2x)

I am your Pappy Dog
Your dog forever
You know I'm your Casanova
Ask me what you want
You know we vamoose to everything
I like a lot
When you see yourself with ice cream
My sexy love
All of you is eaten
Just like you like it
Also with soy sauce
Soft and slow
You know you don't walk alone
Dance and howl like a wolf
My regal one.

Manmi relax
When you move my shorty
You look very sexy
Dance to undergound music
DJ Dac will be there(xy)
Get low until your coccyx is seen
Inbetween cathartic releases(2x)

Repeat CHORUS twice

eh eh
Grind me, grind me, grind me
Touch me, Touch me, Touch me
Scream me, Scream me, Scream me
eh eh eh eh(2x)

I am a bull terrier
Your guard dog
In the castle of Dr. Larry
Here you are not permitted
The game of Tom and Jerry
Run to the escape hatch
I arrive all papery
You are my mammary(2x)

Repeat CHORUS twice

Ya ya ya ya
Smaller than a Chihuahua
Listen palm plant
Ya ya ya ya you know
David, Pierre, Guyvens
Listen to the bull terriers, DJ Dac.
Ya ya ya ya ya
We're not your Daddy


Bella said...

You famous already Pappy - hope they don't give you a bad name amongst the doggie community.
But kinda kewl to have inspired a song !!! hee hee

Paw Power

Dachsies Rule said...

Pappy, interesting song but it seems to only have your name and not be about you. Nothing about tennis balls or walks or flour or laying in the sun though it does have a music video ...

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Bella the Boxer said...

Pappy, tu eres un perro muy inteligente!

xoxo - Bella

Pappy's Fella said...

Bella and Bella,
Wow, two dog Bellas. And one from Oz and one from OR. We-e-e-ird.

Oh. I thought maybe all that other stuff was just lost in translation.

3dogcache said...

pappy doga...he's just an international sensationale:-)