Saturday, December 23, 2006

We can all be in if there is no outside...

Mutt PowerPoor Pappy the mutt. Too often, he clings to his semblance of a breed-identity as a "terrier". But even then, would this win him a place in an AKC competition? No. Can he join a breed-specific web ring without fear of being ostracized? No again. Though he has more traits in common with than different from his purebred counterparts, his generic dog-ness excludes him. It's time to stop pretending.

I'm thinking of organizing a movement of mutts. And this movement would be inclusive of all dogs and breeds, since they are not the ones that choose to impose these artificial divisions. It is The Establishment! Yes, after fading out after the mid-seventies, they have resurfaced to sow discord and undermine dogs' 17,000 year franchise as humanity's first and best friend.

Ask yourself this: do poodles ask to have pom-poms carved into their luxurious manes? No! (Of course if they do like their pom-poms, I'm not judging them.) Would the Great Dane lay down with the Chihuahua? In a second, if he could work out the logistics. Dogs tend towards homogeneity in the state of nature, and it is only The Establishment imposing these divisions of breed.

The movement needs to have a catchy name and acronym. Hmmm, Mongrels and Underdogs Together for Tolerance? Discussions are ongoing. I may need to take a little time off from blogging to give this matter and our mission some serious consideration. Plus we're headed out of town for the holidays.

More later! 'Til then, fight the power.


macgoogle said...

Vote for MUTTs! Vote for MUTTs! Vote for MUTTs! Being a mutt myself, I don't care where a butt comes from or who it's parents are, as long as it's sniffable. A butt by any other name still smells... like a butt! Let's all roll in questionable objects together, as united doggies! Mixed and Pure!

Love and Licks,
Texas and his humans.

P.S. Daddy helped me with the language on this comment - I am not usually dolitical. Wags, Texas.

Pappy's Fella said...

Texas, I knew I could count on you as one of the first initiates. Now for the ceremony... honey, where's my cricket bat?

Boomer said...

Hey, I'm with yah! Even though I'm a Brittany my brother and sister are mutts and there is NEVER any mutt signs, bumper stickers, sweaters, etc... out there on the market. We need an uprising.

Pappy's Fella said...

Come one, come all. Rather than just celebrating Brittanyness, you clearly want to join with your siblings and celebrate dogness. Consider yourself a MUTT.

Gus said...

Hey, we want to sign Travis up right now! He is a grabador. Or maybe a labradane? Anyway. If he joins, me and Teka can be honorary members, right? We cant help it if we were born on the right side of the blanket.


Pappy's Fella said...

Large and small, MUTT wants them all.