Sunday, December 10, 2006

Crazy Weekend at the Dog Park

Nostril ShotThis weekend at the dog park was a tough one for all involved. Saturday the temperature was down to 22 degrees... yes, that's Fahrenheit, not Celsius. All you Canadians and northerners can stop laughing now, because for us that's pretty cold when you're just standing around. Molly and Honey's owner was wearing not one but two pairs of gloves.

Then, today all of the dogs were bonkers for some reason. As we were getting ready to enter, Pappy just went off at these two strange dogs through the fence. He was getting bad enough that I was prepping to leave. I've seen a few owners walk their dogs around the perimeter of the fence to settle down all the dogs before entering, so I tried that after a little cool-off walk. I tried him again, but Pappy and those two dogs were just bound to have trouble. Their owner said they were headed out, so we just switched places and Pappy seemed fine. Truman and owner returned from a walk around the park, and it turns out Truman was having trouble with the same dogs earlier. Then Cisco showed up, decked a Border Collie, and left almost immediately. Then this big German Shepherd showed up and ran yelping in terror all around the enclosure-- I didn't see anything happen to her that caused that. We had a full moon last week, but who knows what was going on. Not a banner day at the dog park.


Adam said...

Wow. That is a weird one. We have been to off-leash parks from time to time and find them a heap of fun (when there are decent pups and humans around). One time, we went to an off-leash park in Concord (Sydney, Australia) and Texas was running around all happy-like and some guy was startled so he chastised us for not having Texas on a leash. I yelled something like "It's a leash-free park, you moron!"... I guess the dumb human thought it was just some walking area (he didn't have a dog). Humans are mostly stupid. There are exceptions, though. Hope you have better days soon, Pappy.

macgoogle said...

Btw, "Adam" is me - some blogger error :P

Texas and his humans.

Pappy's Fella said...

We normally have a pretty peaceful dog park, including the humans. Pappy kind of considers it a home away from home. Somehow today everybody seemed just a little... off. I don't even think those two dogs were bad news. Ollie the Collie's owner was saying the change in the weather messes with dogs' heads.

I need to get back to read up on Texas. I your fur boy's birthday, but that was a while ago.