Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dateline Dallas

Fred, 2006-12-24
I've written of Pappy's Uncle Fred in Dallas before. Sure, he looks like a stuffed animal, but he's as tough as nails. Today you should have seen him going after the guys with leaf blowers on the other side of the sliding glass door. And he doesn't have a yappy poodle bark, he's got the solid woof of a mutt.

It's been over a year since we visited Fred, and in that time we've lived with Pappy for almost ten months. It's weird, because when I finally saw Fred again, it was like he'd been miniaturized. He's so much smaller than Pappy, and I wouldn't have guessed that. And before our visit, if you'd asked me to guess at his age, I would have said seven or eight years-- but thinking more carefully, we realized he has to be around 13 years old. His poofy fur and trim physique help to conceal his vintage, but his eyes have gotten a bit rheumy and the skin is getting slack on his belly. Fred's getting old.

But thankfully he is still game for a good walk, and we plan to do plenty of wandering around the mean streets of Dallas in search of Cowboys fans to antagonize. Hey, if the Redskins are going to stink this year, the only joy left is reveling when their football rivals lose.


macgoogle said...

I have two uncles (three and an aunt if you count Mummy's side) named Jack and Max. They are getting old but they don't show it very much. Jack still plays tug of war and Max is my Granddad's golfball retriever - he never seems to run out of energy. I went to meet them once but they are very strict doggies and I couldn't play with them. But I love them anyway.

Love and Licks (come back home safe)
Texas (and his humans).

Justin said...

hey, he is soo cute n very much lively.

Pappy's Fella said...

Tex and Justin, Well, I hope Pappy's still got it going on at Fred's age.