Sunday, October 14, 2007

Zen Koan

If it can no longer be attached to a hose, is it still a sprinkler? If it is plastic and in the back yard, is it not a chew toy?



Patience-please said...

Nine whippets say:
-yard toy
-chew bone
-yah, toy
-I like to bite 'em when the water is attacking
- grow up, Lindy Loo, it's a chewie
- dinner time?

they tend to digress.

GREAT blog. My husband is a full time artist now. Paint on.

Patience and the whippet waggle

Gus said...

Yellow yard sprinkler
Sitting on hard concrete pad
Chewie or yard tool?

FleasGang said...

I have a sprinkler that looks like that! Just bought a metal one this weekend. And just last week, my favorite pair of Birkenstocks mysteriously lost all their leather straps, leaving me with two lost soles.

The Fleas

Becky said...

ah, the old "if a dog barks in the woods, and there's no one there to hear him, does he make a sound?" dilemma....

i count myself lucky on this - the only off-limits-chewing maggie goes for is the bathroom trashcan - something about qtips and snotrags is just irresistable!

Nat said...

Pappy is positively angelic about not chewing stuff in the house, but the back yard is different. This is one of two similarly chewed sprinklers-- I was able to assemble one working one from the parts.

I looked around your art colony there. Very nice.

Haiku to you.

Have a beer on me.

Ari_1965 said...

Sometimes a customer changes his/her mind about buying a certain item. Instead of returning the item to the area of the store in which the item was found, some customers will remove the now-unwanted item from the cart and place it at random on the nearest shelf in the expectation that a brownie will come along and ferry it back to the right shelf sometime during the night while the store is closed. I think this is what happened with your so-called sprinkler. It was never a sprinkler. ou were misinformed. It always was a chew toy. Some dog owner picked it up off the chew toy shelf, flip-flopped around the store looking for other items to spend money on, and then changed his/her mind about buying it. Instead of walking the many miles back to the chew toy aisle, he or she turfed the item onto a shelf marked Sprinklers in the lawn and garden aisle. You, poor soul, actually were looking to buy a sprinkler, saw the sign, and said, Oh, this must be a sprinkler. But actually it was a chew toy all along.

Finnegan said...

Definitely a chew toy because I would want NOTHING to do with a device that sprays water at me. No way.


Joe Stains said...

that is a big fat DUH of course it is a toy?!

Jackson said...

I did something similar to a heavy duty watering can the other day. It was asking for it. J x

Amici said...

Oh! That was chewed up well! Amici seems to have a thing for screwdrivers.