Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Anti-Houdini

When we first brought Pappy home, for a few weeks our back yard was only fenced on three sides. I tried tying him out on a long rope, but he just managed to wrap his legs into a cat's cradle. Eventually I figured out he just wasn't going to run off if we were around, and since then that's the way it's always been. He's just not interested in escaping.

Then this morning I went outside to play ball with him after he had been out for a while, and was faced with an empty back yard. I figured he was just behind the shed or in the bushes, so I bounced the ball a couple of times. Nothing. I checked the gates and they were locked. Then I saw a flash of movement between the bushes in our rear neighbors' yard. Pappy and Charlie, the neighbors' standard poodle, were racing in circles. The last time we got those two together, Pappy wouldn't give him the time of day. Suddenly they're best friends. As soon as he saw me Pappy was desperate to come over the fence, clawing at my dress shirt with dirty paws trying to get back. It seems it was as much of a mystery to him how he got over the fence as it was to me.


Nugget said...

Stewy can wriggle out from under small spaces in our fence, he also is good at making gaps bigger, tunneling... it's a true gift. This is why Mum has us microchipped


Joe said...

its dog magic, don't try to understand!!

Gus said...

Yeah. Magic. He probably took lessons from the same person who taught Teka. She can now open the crate door from the inside, and muzzer says she feels like a fool for even considering a padlock. But you should see what Teka can do in half an hour.