Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Offering

TributeAs we were walking Pappy through our town's street fair, we were approached by someone promoting our food coop. She handed us a flyer, then surreptitiously offered a pressed rawhide bone trying to conceal it from a nearby wolfhound. "It's my last one" she said, and Pappy was clearly more deserving than any other dog in the vicinity.

I was almost loathe to take the bone since I knew what was coming. Our little Hamlet was going to whine and groan and angst and carry the bone everywhere without taking a single bite from it. For days he was going to stand by the door to take it outside, then stand by the door to go get it to bring back inside. And then the coup de grace. Every time I would sit down, he was going to come up, drop it in my lap, and stare at me. I can never figure out whether he wants me to keep it, throw it, or just suck on it a while to soften it up.

I did take the bone, and after two days of this I finally got tired of the ordeal. I took a gobbet of peanut butter and smeared it into the creases at one end, then I held it for him while he set to work. He likes it when I hold a chew for him because he can really bear down. He finished about a third of it over a couple of nights when it mysteriously disappeared. It's probably buried in the back yard. Pappy is a pathetic burier. He scratches a little furrow in the mulch and then scatters a couple of leaves over the top, so it will turn up when we rake.


MONA, JACKS & TOBY TOO !! said...

Hey Pappy & your Fella

We love peanut butter but why do you need peanut better on a bone? Jacks is the smallest of us & he can gobble down one in no time flat & trys to still somebody else's bone.

heehee....that boy can outeat Toby..he weighs 11 pounds and Toby weighs 25 pounds...go figure.


Jackson said...

Hey pal, I'm with Pappy in that I prefer J1 or J2 to actually HOLD any rawhide or chews for me. I think it's because I like to make them wait on me hand and paw. It keeps them busy. J x

Stella and Annie said...

Amazing...that is exactly how Stella acts when she gets a rawhide. I don't get it! It must be some kind of holdover from their wolf days.

Nat said...

Stella's Mom,
You have my sympathies.

Master of your own domain. Pappy's not that strategic in his thinking.

Texas Dachsies,
Jacks is just trying to bulk up to make his move on the others. He will rule the roost one day.

Finnegan said...

Um, the wolfhound didn't get the treat? So sad.


Habca & Miriam said...

With Habca, there is a whole routine around "having a rawhide", too. It is a very difficult ritual, carrying around, hiding, barking, scratching, giving it to me, taking it away, sleeping on it, etc. I think maybe this is a complicated religious ceremony to ease the gods.

Nat said...

H & M,
Last night the half rawhide bone made a brief reappearance with Pappy toting it around the house before it vanished again into the back yard. Yoicks.

If it makes you feel any better, I was left with the impression that the wolfhound already had been given one.