Monday, October 29, 2007

Soggy Dog

After a drought-stricken summer, I thought I'd never complain about rain again. Then we had four solid days of rain and I started getting trenchfoot from wet boots. Pappy developed a new beard of Spanish Moss.

Though we had some trouble getting him to go out in the back yard in the rain, Pappy was pretty stoic about going out the front door for a walk. I had my immense golf umbrella along, which has the upside of having huge coverage but the downside of being entirely in the way when trying to pick up after Pappy. I was trying to keep Pappy under the umbrella, but he didn't seem overly concerned. He was consumed with the clatter of water running into the storm drains.

Finally on Saturday the storm cleared out. I was convinced it had washed away all my remaining grass seed, but after the rain we actually have traces of a new lawn.


Gus said...

We have a new battle cry


We will share it with you

FleasGang said...

Nothing says love like dirty paw prints on the sofa. :-)

The Fleas

Nat said...

It's nice to share. Does the rain ever actually reach the ground out there?

My wife is about to replace our living room rug with a dirty paw friendly pattern.

William Tell said...

We have a doormat that reads, "Wipe Your Paws". Unfortunately, dogs can't read.

William Tell