Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Perfect Walk

While Pappy and I were on our morning walk, two cats were chasing each other around some parked cars. They rounded the corner between two cars and came face to face with an equally unsuspecting Pappy. He gave a growl and a lurch before the cats scattered. It would have been his idea of a perfect morning if I had just been holding the leash a little more loosely. He was on high alert all the way home.


Gus said...

And now, every time you approach that corner, Pappy will be looking for cats again! Don't worry, he will learn to deal with the disappointment. Me n Teka have.

Murphey said...

Catching up after the big vacation, and I gotta say, I hate those leaf bags too. I refuse, REFUSE to walk near them. Fall is a tough time for me cause almost every house has one in front, then we have to walk in the street. Who knows what those things might do to me and I don't wanna find out.

Murph the leaf bag hatin' dog