Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick Explanation

Some of you may have noticed the abrupt change of my tagline on posts and comments from "Pappy's Fella" to "Nat". It's all related to the new blog, where I am surrendering any semblance of web anonymity. I tried using a separate Blogger account to maintain that blog for about a week, but it quickly grew tiring having to switch back and forth.

If you'd like to continue to think of me as Pappy's Fella, go right ahead and do the mental substitution.


Joe Stains said...

you will always be pappy's fella to us, but Mom says Nat is a nice name.

Gus said...

We're on Joe's side on this one, can you imagine the chubby little person who loves me as anything but "Muzzer?"

We are giving Pappy the "I love your Blog" award. Pick up your sticker at our place.


Nat said...

What can I say? Thanks for the love.

Nat said...

I'll try to uphold the standards of Pappy's Fella in all my dog blog activities.

Tierre said...

Nat, I've already linked your art blog to mine.

Jackson said...

I kinda like Pappy's Fella, but if you'd rather be Nat that's fine by me! J x