Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Senseless Violence

ToyProtection-3This poor toy has to live out his days in little stuffed wheelchair. Oh, the humanity.


Tierre (TY-ree) said...

Your "Do They Know It's Christmas?" video is featured on my blog's YouTube Tuesday.

Nat said...

Thanks Tierre. A Youtube video is the gift that keeps on giving!

ALS said...

Dead sheep:


Harry said...

Pappy, are you having a toy killing frenzy this week?!

Toodle pip,
Hary x

Tofu Burger said...

Hi Pappy,

oh dear... you and my cousin are on a killing spree this week. I will stay out of your way.


Nat said...

Pappy's not so much on a killing spree, but I finally noticed last weekend that he really has no intact stuffies left. Well, except bunny. We're going to have to restock for Xmas.

FleasGang said...

Pappy's one smart cookie. He knows that Christmas is just around the corner so he's destroying all of last years' toys to make room for some new ones - kinda like when you wanted a new pair of sneakers when you were a kid so you dragged your toes while riding your bike.

The FleasGang

Jackson said...

I think Pappy and I should join forces. J x

Jake of Florida said...

Hail to Pappy, the Chewing King.

We who pride ourselves on being able to demolish a toy in two seconds flat have had a similar toy in our toy basket for over a year. It is as intact as the day we received it from a terrier friend.

So hail, Pappy, we acknowledge your brilliance!!! It must be the terrier in you.

Jake and Just Harry