Monday, December 17, 2007

A New Wrinkle

StuffedBoneWhile I was out for a run with Pappy yesterday morning, he stopped to do the needful. And he got stuck. Without being too graphic, I had to pull stuffed animal remnants out of his rear like a magician pulls hankies from his sleeve. We had a little quality time in the drizzling rain.

Pappy always has destuffed toys, typically into great piles all over the living room floor. To my knowledge, he hadn't yet answered the question of whether the fiber fill was tasty. With Christmas coming, now I have to worry whether Pappy is going to give himself an intestinal blockage from all the new toys. And I'm kind of wondering whether this stuffing was from last week, or represents years of accumulation finally making their way through the exit. The worries of parenthood.


Gus said... imagine the stuffie is a ladies knee high sock, complete w cables. (ca.1977) Ah yes, his name was Toby, and he ate EVERYTHING. Lived to be 17!

gussie's muzzer

roxanne said...

Been there, done that with our late Dalmatian (Penelope Grace). She ate EVERYTHING, including the felt peeled off a tennis ball. The first time it came UP, I didn't dive fast enough for it, and she swallowed it again. When it finally came OUT, I had to get a fist full of paper towels to help after it got stuck. To this day, it's known as a "mommy butt rescue." Eeewww!

Cedarfield said...

It seems like something a lot of dogs do, at least the bigger ones. Both my Dobes ate things and both had to have emergency surgery (they never get blocked on a weekday). Now I'm pretty careful to remove all toys whenever my dogs are unsupervised.

Nat said...

So Cedarfield,
What are the symptoms of a blockage? Not that Pappy is necessarily a candidate, but is there some clear indication?

Dory the Lab said...

We (okay I, Liza) actually laughed out loud reading this post. As owner of Dory the human garbage can I feel your pain. If Pappy actually had intestinal blockage you would know - they get lethargic, bloated and look like they are in distress.

We will be watching for Pappy from the comfort of Gramma's house and bragging to all our family that we "know " Pappy!

Happy holidays!

Liza and Dory

Marla said...

Stella gets into this trouble too. It is so nasty. Worse yet, she lets out an ear piercing howl when she knows something is not "dropping off" as it should.

Murphey said...

You haven't lived until you have had the joy of "helping" your dog finish their business....I have had the joy (?) of performing butt magic for both Reilly and Murphey. Reilly is the best, he howls when he can't finish on his own. I've stopped serving them stuffies, they can't seem to help eating them!


Jackson said...

I too have needed "helping" on occasion. Generally though I prefer to vomit them up during the night so that J1 has the delightful pleasure of finding little piles of stuffie innards the next morning.

Cedarfield said...

With my Dobes the first symptom would be depression followed by a particular type of stretching motion that they would walk into with their front feet (trying to ease the pain in their gut, it's so common it's almost diagnostic). Vomiting and lethargy are common but by that time it's possible to have necrotic tissue in the gut which makes surgery that much more complicated and recovery that much tougher on the dog.
It's probably one of the most common reasons that dogs have emergency surgery and unfortunately often the dog doesn't live.

Minou and Birdie's Mommy said...

i am sooo glad my girls don't actually manage to rip any of their toys apart. I don't think I could handle pulling things out of their a$$es. It is bad enough when there is a hair causing a dangler. Birdie is very patient though - she will stand there for 10 minutes waiting for it to come out.