Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Pup on the Block

I went to the dog park this morning to be greeted by news of a new arrival. Max's owners have just had their first kid. This was hardly a surprise, because the situation had been in development for some time. It's a first in my experience at the park, because the mom had been coming to the park regularly up through the weekend before delivery.

This weekend sweet little (oops I've forgotten his name) was home with his mom, but Max and his dad came to the park. From what I understand, once sweet little whatshisname is fattened up a bit they plan to have him live in the dog park under Max's stewardship. Well, they didn't actually say this, but they'd be crazy not to consider it. That "raised by wolves" thing is so overdone; it's time to give an equal opportunity to dogs.


Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

Being raised in a dog park would be so cool! At least that is what my dogs Stella and Darwin would think. :)

Nat said...

Today I was able to retreive the tot's name at the dog park. Jordan! Jordan Reese (Reece?).

Jennifer said...

I just discovered your blog. Some of your pictures of Pappy look a lot like my dog Luigi!

We adopted him from the SPCA as a puppy and they said he is Schnauzer-Poodle.

Amici said...

Hi Pappy! My Mom was reading the Portland Press Herald tonight online and came across this:

You are FAMOUS!! Not only were you featured in this lovely Maine paper but it looks like you created this amusing video as well. :)

It was a such a nice surprise to see so many dogs that I knew on there! good work!

PS. Can I have your autograph? :)

Dory and Liza said...

My human swears she was raised by Labradors - it sounds good to me. Also - your fellow's "do they know it's Christmas" Better than that old rudolph cartoon.

So says us in Beantown!

Love Dory

William Tell said...

Yes, those little guys can learn quite a lot from dogs. Kids and dogs just go together.

William Tell

roxanne from said...

Well, since Max has some BC in him, I think he'd make an excellent nanny for the new spud (as my hubby calls babies). After all, BC are B-O-S-S-Y.

Gayle said...

His name is Jordan Reece ;-) We are considering having Max be his nanny (like in Peter Pan), and just skip the whole day care thing when I go back to work... but I think the state of Maryland frowns on such arrangements.