Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Escapist Returns

Yesterday morning I went out to the backyard to get Pappy, but, again, no Pappy. I whistled around for a while, and finally heard an excited yelp from the neighbor's yard. When Pappy saw me, he darted behind the neighbor's shed but came back out after rustling around for a second. He scrabbled on the fence and I lifted him back over. I then looked around behind our shed and discovered, after fourteen years in our house and a year and a half with Pappy, that there is an eight inch gap between the fences of our two back neighbors behind the sheds. My wife said she kept glimpsing a strange dog taking a dump in our yard, and I guess that must have been neighbor-dog Scarlett crossing from the other direction. I guess I have a chore for this weekend.

Well, I'm off and running for Nablopomo at the other blog. If you stop by today, I promise an exciting opportunity. Exciting, but no dogs.


Finnegan said...

We had a Jack Russell Terrier who kept sneaking into my yard so we put up a bunch of hideous boards to keep him out. I'm not sure if I could stick my head in those gaps.


Nat said...

It's clear that on the return trip (when he disappeared behind their shed) Pappy was faced with the problem of sticking his head through the hole too.

Gus said...

Pappy is doing a great job on his security patrol duties. Tell him congratulations. Teka does her inspections regularly. Sometimes if there is no hole, she tries to make one.

Could she come to your house before the weekend so she could run away, please?

William Tell said...

Kinda reminds me of that Hogan's Heroes show where they came and went as they pleased. Good for Pappy!

William Tell

Patience-please said...

Checking out the other blog, because the whippets are all asleep anyway.

Nat said...

Send Teka. Don't forget her straightjacket.

Wm Tell,
Ah, Hogan's Heroes. Sgt Schultz taught me all the German I know. Raus! Raus!

Whippets sleep?