Sunday, November 04, 2007

Gravitational Field

SatellitePappy has developed quite a following at the dog park. A lot of the meeker dogs like to chase him back and forth as he chases the balls-- it's a lower risk proposition than engaging the other dogs, since Pappy rarely registers on their presence. Today there were two or three circling around him as he raced back and forth, like satellites caught in his wake.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we replaced the living room couch and the carpet yesterday. The couch won't affect Pappy much, but that rug had a nice thick pad. It was always his first destination when I handed him his morning carrot before we headed to work. We now have one of those thin Flor rugs, and it's got me a bit worried. He moved to the living room when we got rid of the padded carpet on the porch, and now I'm afraid he's just going to spend his life in bed.


Joe Stains said...

Perhaps you have not figured out that you MUST KEEP THE DOG happy, get the rug back dude!

Gus said...

and living on the bed would be a bad thing? Think like a dog!


Amici said...

That is a great dog park pic. We've never seen that sort of rug before (I guess we are not up to date with the decorating times :P) but it looks neat. I hope Pappy adjusts well. There is always the bed.....:)

Nat said...

Truth is I snagged the carpet pad from the LR rug and cut up a piece to stick under the area rug on the porch. We'll see if it wins him back.

Can't think like a dog. Plus we'd miss him.

We've moved one of Pappy's many beds down to the living room. But he's never actually slept on that bed, just leaned on it a bit.

Angeerah said...

He's totally part Irish Wolfhound.

The end.

Jackson said...

What's wrong with living on the bed??? J x

William Tell said...

We don't have a dog park near here, but it looks like great fun, romping with other dogs.

William Tell