Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pappy: Wild & Free, Crazed & Neurotic

P1080262Pappy has been having a fantastic time as an adventure dog here in the outdoors of coastal Maine. He's taken to the ocean like a seal, and taken to the woods like a fox. Or maybe the other way around. No, I had it right. And he has been fantastic when off-leash, staying nearby and never erring towards the road. If he wanders out of sight, I just have to whistle and clap my hands and he comes tearing back. His fur has gotten a little disgusting with accumulated salt and twigs, but other than that he was made for this outdoor life.

Not so for indoors. His neurosis about uncarpeted stairs persists here, and early on he was about to drive me nuts with his crying when I was on the opposite end of the staircase. Before coming on vacation I special ordered some paw wax that was supposed to prevent slipping, but it didn't seem to do much to help with the loose screws in his bean. Now he's finally settled down-- he still won't climb the stairs, but seems satisfied to stay downstairs. Loon.


Joe Stains said...

aw sounds like you guys are having fun, except for the whole stairs thing. poor pappy and poor pappy's fella!!

Stella and Annie said...

My former dog had a funny way of approaching any non carpeted surface. He would turn around and shuffle in butt first! Somehow in his mind, I think he thought he could never fall if he couldn't see where he was going. Maybe you can teach Pappy to enter backwards?

Stanley said...

Pappy, it sounds like you are having a blast, Nature Dog! Wish I could romp in the sea with you, bud.

Goober love,

Sweets said...

Aw, little fella. Sweets can relate, she herself has taken to the water like a river otter and has been 100% huntress with a ground hog in the back yard. Enjoy your time away from home with Pappy, the carpet will return soon enough.