Monday, August 27, 2007

Kayak Krazy

DSCN4992There's one activity up in Deer Isle in which Pappy cannot partake... kayaking. Well, that's not quite true. My wife and I were in a small boat race the other day, and there was a participant with a preserver clad Yorkie aboard her wide-cockpit kayak. Of course while she was trying to avoid accidentally bopping her precious, I was focused on beating the stuffing out all the grannies in rowboats and paddle-wielding preteens on my way to a glorious victory. My wife came in second, further teaching all those youngsters and oldsters an important lesson in losing.

DSCN5032Yesterday my wife and I left a yelping Pappy in the house as we headed out on a kayaking adventure. We are situated between two tidal coves; coves that empty of water at low tide. For someone used to bigger boats, kayaks are simply amazing for their ability to clear the shallowest water and these coves are ideal areas to explore. They tend to be well protected from wind and chop, and you can just float around and watching the doings in the shallow water. If they drain through a narrow channel, you also get some interesting currents as the tides race in or empty out. It turns out the endless piping shrill we heard the entire time we were floating around Pressey Cove was a nest of ospreys (sea eagles) on Little Crow Island. Boy nature can be annoying.

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Murphey said...

I am laughing thinking about hte Yorkie on the kayak, that must of looked funny!