Tuesday, August 07, 2007

On the Road Again

Road Trip To MaineFive days and counting until Pappy and I head out on our road trip to Maine. My wife has used a lot of leave already this summer, so she's waiting a week before flying up to join us. Pappy and I are going solo, and he's not much help with the driving.

I have it all planned out in my head. A couple of years ago we left at 3AM on the Saturday of July 4th weekend for Maine. That may sound ridiculous, but we hit New York at 7AM with barely a car in sight. We were flying past Boston by noon. Of course then we got gridlocked by all of the Bostonians squeezing through the lousy New Hampshire toll booths on their way to Maine for the holiday, but the execution was almost perfect. Take out the holiday weekend, start on a Sunday morning, add an EZPass to speed through the toll booths, and we're there in a day. (I may make a dog-friendly hotel reservation around Portland just in case I am utterly deluded.)

All this assumes that I survive the week. Somehow the last days at work preparing for a vacation always make me need a vacation. But there are wonders that await Pappy and me at the other end of that highway.

The Island


Gus said...

OK, but if you begin to think that Pappy is answering your questions, please pull over and rest.

Tofu Burger said...

drive safe... have Pappy answer the cell phone en route, driving and cell phone use is not advised :)

Tierre said...

Drive safe, you guys!

Charlie said...

Have a great time!

Asta said...

Have a fantabulous time..I'll wave to you , look for me when you zoom past New York
smoochie kisses

Stella and Annie said...

Sounds like a great road trip for you and Pappy. If only Pappy could learn to drive or navigate, he would be the perfect companion!

Pappy's Fella said...

I'll look for you as I pass NYC. Cross Bronx Expressway at 3rd Ave, 7:22AM-- wave to me from the overpass.

It's strange to think, but I'm really looking forward to this 13 hour drive.