Saturday, August 18, 2007


SeaCukeWhile roaming the streets of Stonington, Deer Isle's cosmopolitan center, I came across these signs in the window of the vacant building that was once Atlantic Hardware. It's an advertisement for Sea Jerky featuring the rather disturbing image of a werewolf threatening to bite off the head of the Coppertone girl while she looks at a lovely Maine sunset. Sea Jerky (using a "Sea Cucumber formula with Sea Chondroitin"), seems to be a pet health product of Coastside Bio Resources which probably no longer exists. I was once in Baja and saw a group of fishermen boiling down sea cukes on a deserted beach. They were for use in supplements and the Asian market. If you thought green tripe was nasty, I still have nightmares about the fishermen spooning the slimy lumps, like giant okra, from the rusty oil drum. I'm not very fond of okra.

Update: I've been better informed in the comments that the werewolf was dear old Paugus, the building is not vacant, Sea Jerky is a dog favorite, and that Coastside Bio Resources is alive and well. But I still wouldn't want a sea cuke sitting across from me when I was trying to eat dinner.


Anonymous said...

You'll be happy to hear that the copper-toned girl never quite got bitten by the were-wolf, though the were-wolf, Paugus, finally went to his resting place in the back garden and no longer can threaten her. She's older now, actually graduated from High School here on Deer Isle, with honors, I might add.

And Sea Jerky is alive and well still, and that building isn't vacant, ......its just mostly a ware-house, where we ship Sea Jerky to all parts of the world from.

Pappy's Fella said...

Well, I'm happy that Paugus had a good run. I gotta say, I miss Atlantic Hardware, but MD Joyce makes a reasonable substitute.

Anonymous said...

Not only does Sea Jerky still exist, but if Pappy ever becomes arthritic in any way, Sea Jerky is the absolute best thing to give him. My 11 year old lab could barely make it up the stairs before we started him on Sea Jerky. The change inside of a week was incredible. And he'd just about turn himself inside out to get it, he liked it so.