Monday, August 06, 2007

Decline and Fall

Well, our back yard and garden is at a low ebb. Drought and Pappy have done their worst. The grass on the route that Pappy uses for fetch looks like the football field after a mudbowl game. The garden which Pappy runs around after catching the ball looks like the end zone. After the fans have stormed onto the field and torn down the goalpost. Set fire to it. And then stamped it out using clogs.

The photos above show one of the hosta plants, illustrating the stages of destruction. The shot on the left is from early in the summer-- showing a few torn leaves and broken stems from Pappy's victory dances, but still looking hopeful. Yesterday's shot on the right would just make a visitor wonder why we planted the homely thing. That settles it, no more visitors.


Gus said...

Pappy loves you. The plant accepts your attention. Glad you made the right choice.

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Mom loved your last line. She would chose Pappy and a homely plant over visitors any day! Could Pappy's life be any more perfect with his own yard to destroy?

Jackson said...

Hey pal, if there's anything left in our garden after I've trampled it, the slugs get it. Got lots of healthy weeds though which the slugs seem to ignore. Strange eh? J x

Speak(er) said...

I too, have lamented the condition of my garden since inviting dogs into my life. Today, though, I realized they can do good things too. In the past, I've rarely gotten my roses to bloom as the buds are the elixir of life for the rabbits and squirrels. But since Belle and Cody have arrived, the rabbits and squirrels don't dare enter the yard. As a result, I have three rose bushes in full bloom with no less than seven roses on each. I'll trade that for a few holes any day!