Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Barred Island Almost Adventure

(Well, I'm parked in front of Susie Q's in Stonington filching internet access. I really would buy lunch there, except they are only open Thursday through Monday. Sorry not to be responding to comments, but my ancient laptop's battery is going down like the Lusitania.)

2007-08-14_038-webAt the tail end of yesterday Pappy and I headed to my favorite trail to Barred Island. The last few times I have been in Maine the Barred Island, connected to the big island by a sandbar at low tide, has been closed because of nesting bald eagles. But since they are off the endangered species list it's open season, and I'm not going to miss my shot to bag one. Kidding. The eagles have moved on to a new nesting location.

On arrival I was sad to see clear postings that no dogs were allowed on the trail in consideration of wildlife. The Island Heritage Trust, who runs a number of trails on the island, thoughtfully listed several nearby trails that do allow pets. With heavy heart, I rolled down the windows and left Pappy in the car as I jogged down the loamy path through the pines. I did pass one couple who were giving me furtive glances as they hustled their dog back towards the car park, but I wouldn't want to play that game. Next time we'll focus on the dog-friendly trails.

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Ivy said...

why wud anyone want to haf a no-dog trail? dogs and trails go together like peanut butter and kongs! poor pappy.