Sunday, October 01, 2006


In my old posting on the dog park crew, I missed out on one of the regulars-- Truman, the German Shorthaired Pointer. Pappy and Truman don't play together that much, but I like his style. There's something about the look and athleticism of these dogs that I admire. Not that I am knocking Pappy, mind you.

The downside to these dogs is that they need a lot of exercise. They shed more than you'd expect, like beagles, but Truman's owner says she just takes him outside with one of those grooming gloves and strips him down once in a while. She's now falling hard for a seven month old buddy for Truman at the Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue site.


Maggie's moo said...

Truman is rather good looking, but these dogs are known for their hyperactivity. Hmm, but then I have Ellie.

LuvMyPuppers said...

Truman is a handsome fella. I have a GSP...2.5 years old. His brother was very hyper, but mine, well...all he wants to do is lay in my lap and play frisby a bazillion times a day. He was only suppose to be about 70lbs from what I sweet beast has reached 85lbs without an ounce of fat. We play frisby....alot. I do love my Bosley. What a sweet breed.