Friday, October 20, 2006

Grim Protector

As Pappy took me on a walk through the ominously dark park last night, we stumbled on someone in the gloom. A big guy in a hoodie, a goon really, was practicing Kung Fu moves on a sapling in the pitch black. I was a bit leery of him, but Pappy just went off on the guy. I halfheartedly told Pappy to quiet down, but was secretly kind of pleased. My wife often asks herself whether he would protect us in a dangerous situation, and it looks like Pappy's our 36-pound badass. You'd never know it to meet him-- normally he has trouble keeping his tail from wagging.


Onion said...

Hey Pappy (and fella),
Hurrah for the occasional barking at idiots! My plus-ones (aka owners) taught me to bark when they say "Protect", and it sure clears the streets. The fact that I'm happy and tailwagging doesn't seem to register! We don't do it often, but sometimes it comes in handy. One man we met wasn't bothered at all...he just barked right back!
Glad I found your blog!

Pappy's Fella said...

Thanks for stopping by Onion. We're keeping an eye on your movie star saga to make sure it doesn't end like A Star Is Born.

We'll have to try that whole tripe stick in the shorts trick with Pappy sometime.