Friday, October 20, 2006

A Sixth Sense for Spew

If you are not yet a dog owner, you just might want to stop reading now. My wife is not quick to wake up, but she has an unfortunate sensitivity to the strains of Pappy's recent late night heaves. She's been instantly tuned in when Pappy has been "looking for O'Rourke" in the wee hours-- for some reason always on the carpeting on the second from the top step. There have been a couple of incidents this week.

He's quick to (really, turn back now if you want to maintain your rosy picture of Pappy) lap it up, so she doesn't get a good look at what's disagreeing with him. I'm a bit concerned that he's developing an allergy to his food, but this is happening five or ten hours after feeding. He's still energetic and in good spirits, so I don't think he's ill. Maybe it's just all the stuffing from his toys.

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