Friday, October 06, 2006

Pappies of the Internet

I spent some time reviewing a Google image search of "Pappy", and did a thorough analysis of each entry's relevance to our own Pappy. In descending order, we have the following:

10. Pappy the Clown. Clowns are just plain creepy.

9. This is some feature of the Antarctic's Boyd Glacier called Pappy-- not the Pappy Shelf or something, just Pappy. Who knows what those scientists are thinking?

8. Poopdeck Pappy, Popeye's dad. Sorry, he hasn't got enough hair for a Pappy.

7. Pappy Yokum, of Li'l Abner fame. He got the beard, but he h'aint got the ha'r. See 8.

6. Yes, this is a dog picture called "Pappy", but this is no Pappy. I don't even think it is a boy. This is a Russian site, and I think the meaning of the name may have been lost in translation.

5. Pappy and Willy. This is definitely a classic Pappy, but I don't much like the way he's looking at Willy.

4. Saul, a.k.a. Pappy. Though I am pretty convinced all bulldogs should be named Churchill, this one could pass for a different kind of Pappy.

3. These are Pappy food bowls, from Milan. They really should consider a sponsorship deal with our dog-- he's very reasonable.

2. Pappy Boyington of the Black Sheep Squadron. He doesn't look much like Pappy. But he had a TV show about himself ("Baa Baa Black Sheep"), so he and Pappy have similar goals.

Then, of course, there's our boy at number 1:

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