Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pappy's Ugly Secret

I took Pappy and neighbor dog Molly to the dog park Sunday morning, part of the normal drill. All of the lamers who had skipped Saturday morning came up with various excuses. At least two or three had the same story of showing up, finding the dog area empty, and going for a walk in the park instead.

There was a crush at the gate when a newbie couple with a young Golden Retriever showed up, and so I helped get the dogs backed up to let them in. In the melee, Pappy decided, as he sometimes does, to mount the Golden. As I was going to get him off, the woman shrieked "NO!" When I told her it was okay, that he was neutered and I was getting him off, she said "NO IT IS NOT OKAY." Then I told her that maybe off-leash parks were a bad idea for her.

I am a huge prude, and Pappy's mounting is embarrassing for me-- you won't find me mentioning it much here. The Golden owner clearly thought Pappy was doing something terrible to her dog, and that bugs me more. He doesn't do it to a lot of dogs, and he's never "excited" during the process-- he generally seems to expect the dog to turn around and wrestle. One of the benefits of the dog park has been that other more experienced owners have reassured me that it is fairly typical of females as well as males, and encouraged me not to make the fatal error of interpreting the behavior in human terms. Once started with a dog Pappy is a little relentless about going back for a few minutes (he is a terrier), but these owners have given me the space to try and train him to get off on command without getting wiggy at him.

So I spent most of Sunday's visit trying to keep Pappy out of the vicinity of the Golden. Her spouse/boyfriend seemed fairly cool about things and beckoned to Pappy a couple of times, but the woman was too busy shrilling at her dog for playing with other dogs. Eeek, I wish that dog well and I hope I never see them again.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Poor Pappy! Actually the females will usually hump the males more! Just ask Snickers, she humps on me Butchy all of the time when we wrestle and it's just all in fun. Tell that goldie Mama to stay home!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Pappy's Fella said...

Thanks for the support group-- this is keeping me out of counseling.


Zach said...

Yepper - my sister used to do that to a female Golden we had for a while - they were fighting for dominance. Mom was amazed as she didn't know female dogs did it too. So - not to worry.

3dogcache said...

No need to get wiggy. Pappy's just asserting his leadership in "THE PACK" Male, female...it doesn't matter to them, they only have a pecking order not a prejudice. If I were you, I'd take a squirt gun with you and squirt the Papster every time he starts to mount. This does two things: asserts your pack dominance, and secondly, makes it an undesirable behavior for the papster (unless of course, he enjoys getting squirted). And for the woman with the shrill, you should hope she comes back so you can teach her a thing or two. Poor golden is going to suffer.