Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yo! Montgomery County Dog Park Users!

To: Denizens of Dog Exercise Areas in Montgomery County, Maryland
From: Pappy's Fella

Subject: Yip-yip-yahoo

This Thursday, May 10 the Montgomery County Park Planning Board is meeting and will review a proposal to expand the dog park program and incorporate them into all new park plans. They have collected a great deal of feedback regarding the three current pilot "Dog Exercise Areas" in the county, and seem to consider them a success. I know I do.

I find board meetings to be paralyzingly boring, but I'd be totally psyched to be there. In lieu of attending, I dropped an email to the Chairman of the Planning Board, Royce Hanson, expressing my support-- I hope it doesn't just get sent into a black hole. I am a little leery of the recommended three acre minimum size for new dog parks, since this could be a bit of an impediment to retrofitting them into the more densely populated areas around DC. Our puny little half acre dog park is okay by me, and I'd like to see a lot more of them.


Charlie said...

Good luck with the dog parks effort!!
- Charlie

Oscar Airedale said...

New doggy parks has to be a good thing. Hope they get your mail!

Oscar x

Pappy's Fella said...

Charlie and Oscar,
Thanks for the encouragement. I did receive a response back to my email indicating that it had been logged and would be submitted to the board for their consideration-- so all you Montgomery County dog lovers should send in your thoughts!