Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Taggin' Tuesday

In a tag-team matchup, I was simultaneously tagged by Tierre (a.k.a. Ty-ree) to disclose seven things about myself, and Ferndoggle to find a celebrity lookalike for Pappy.

For Tierre's challenge, rather than resort to Pappy as the subject I will talk about myself for a change:

  1. I didn't know until yesterday that I was born during the Eisenhower presidency. I had blindly assumed I was a JFK baby, but he hadn't even been elected yet.

  2. I am decidedly monolingual, but can puzzle out menus in several languages. Especially when there are English subtitles.

  3. I went through school as an art major, and then figured out that I hated teaching and hadn't abandoned middle-class aspirations. I switched rails and became a computer geek-- there's an improvement.

  4. If you count seven continents, I've visited five. I'd still like to get to Australia, but Antarctica isn't high on my list of vacation destinations.

  5. Though I'm not pining for Antarctica, my favorite reading materials are harrowing tales of extreme deprivation like the Shackleton expedition and Scott's failed push for the South Pole. Makes my hard times at their worst seem pretty darned cushy.

  6. I was born in Washington, DC in a hospital that has been converted into condos. My childhood church from pre-heathen days was torn down for a new subdivision, and my high school building was sold. Property values are relentlessly erasing my past.

  7. My lovely wife and I have been married 14 years today. And blah blah couldn't be done, why yadda yadda yadda like yesterday.

As for Ferndoggle's challenge to find Pappy's celebrity lookalike, I would have to say the Swedish Chef from the Muppets if he was real (I hope I didn't burst anyone's bubble). From the realm of living beings I was tempted by Jack Elam's eyebrows, but picked Adrian Brody for the sensitive, vulnerable look and the schnoz.

Separated At Birth?

Since Frasier and Stella 'n Annie are new kids on the block, I'm going to tag them-- go forth, be fruitful, tag, and multiply.


Oscar Airedale said...

I love the photo comparison! Excellent.

And congrats on your wedding anniversary!

Oscar x

Frasypoo said...

Since I am new,please tell me what tagging is and what I have to do and do I have to tag someone after this ?Thanks.You can also email me at frasypoo@hotmail.com

Ferndoggle said...

Pappy, you never disappoint! Thanks for playing along.

And it was nice to learn a bit about Pappy's fella too. I think sometimes we forget these dogs have humans!


FleasGang said...

You hit the mark with Adrian Brody. Although Pappy's hands are kinda freakin' me out.

Happy Anniversary.

The FleasGang

Pappy's Fella said...

Oscar and Ferndoggle,
Thanks for the props. Sadly my better half is off at a conference, like when I was in Tokyo on our first anniversary.

I dropped you an email. Tag a couple of people if you feel up to it-- just mention that you are tagging them at the end of your posting and leave a comment in their blog. It's a good way to introduce yourself.

Pappy's Fella said...

Yeah, I was shooting for the whole "Michael Landon/I Was A Teenage Werewolf" gestalt. It's interesting that you can put a dog's head on a human body and people don't think about it, but give someone furry hands and it gives people the willies.

Gus said...

Teka says Pappy looks quite handsome in his business suit, and she doesn't find it freaky at all.

Just remember the source on that one!

Happy Anniversary, newlyweds

Joe Stains said...

oh my, pappy is much more handsome than that brody character. congrats on the wedding anniversary!!

Maggie said...

ohhhhhhhh your celebrity look-alike is very good! You're so stylish Pappy!

Love ya lots,

Pappy's Fella said...

Gus, Joe, Maggie,
Thanks for the appreciation of Pappy's sartorial excellence. He's hired a stylist and an image consultant.

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Pappy...I could hardly tell you and Adrian apart. It is uncanny!

Such a fun game...Lots of Licks, Ruby

Stella and Annie said...

We are honored to be tagged by the famous Pappy. I'm not sure we can live up to that great job of photo morphing, but we'll try!

Pappy's Fella said...

Stella 'n Annie,
All I ask is that you make sure you have fun. Don't feel obliged to do anything more on my behalf.

Ruby Bleu,
Interesting... my nieces' dog is named "Ruby Lou, brave and true".

Bella said...

excellent photoshop work !!!
Brody is pappy in hooman form