Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pumping Up

Charles Atlas Ad
One of the lessons I learned from the Charles Atlas ads in comic books is that skinny pukes get pushed around. This is a sad fact that Pappy has discovered over the years. While they were closer in size when Pappy first met Jack at the dog park, Jack now has a solid 30 pound advantage on the Papster. These days when they wrangle Pappy starts with a lot of lunging and juking around in flashing terrier style, but eventually Jack just steamrolls him. Then Pappy tends to focus on ball fetching instead.

Jack HomonculousBut over the past couple of weekends a dog has been coming to the park who has revived Pappy's passion for wrestling. This dog is the very image of Jack as a puppy, and is oft referred to as Jack's Mini-Me. Pappy can't restrain himself from knocking this pup down over and over again, and the pup keeps coming back for more. I have the sense that Pappy's getting a little payback.


Amici said...

Jack and mini- Jack are cute dogs!

We're glad Pappy has found a playmate he can be #1 with.


Woof, Pappy

Glad you've found a friend. Desert pups here just getting out and meeting the neighborhood and we thought we'd say woof.

Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby

Jojo's Mom said...

I wanted to comment I don't think I have a picture of Jack where he is not filthy. He always looks like he just finished a dirt bath, even when he's in my living room.

On another note, we got some really bad news yesterday and I'm typing it, rather than waiting to tell you at the park because I fear breaking down. Jojo has lung cancer. Her persistent cough was a sign of bad things on the horizon. There's not much in the way of treatment options for this, there are some maintenance things that we're going to continue doing, but it's breaking my heart. Her quality of life is good right now, she's eating and drinking OK and walking (or not walking) as much as she has for the last couple of years. No one can say exactly how long she has, but months rather than years seems to be the indication based on the size of her tumor. We'll see you on Saturday or Sunday though, for sure.

Jojo and Jack's Mom Shannon

Nat said...

Jojo's Mom, I'm so sorry to hear about Jojo. She's matured to such a placid and buddhalike matriarch for the dog park, and I'll pray that she continues with the best possible quality of life. We'll be thinking of you guys.