Monday, July 28, 2008

King of the Sea

After a grueling fourteen hour drive to Maine in rain that was also driving, Pappy was more than thrilled to arrive on our vacation. He seemed to recall the house from last year, and immediately started tearing around the yard and the beach like it was all yesterday. He went down to the beach, ambled into the water and immediately took a leak, laying claim to the entire Atlantic Ocean and everything in it. As much as it embarasses me to say this, bow down all you beach-goers.

King of the Sea


Murphey said...

Murph has claimed the Gulf of Mexico, so we think that Pappy deserves the Atlantic as his. Think big and go for it seems to be their pee mottos!

Rat Terrier said...

Pappy is adorable!

What a great idea - a dog blog. I love it!

FleasGang said...

Hey Pappy! Too late, we all ready claimed the Atlantic. But we'd be willing to share. You can have the northern Atlantic Coast. We'll take the South.

Sorry to hear about your play partners. That hurts.

The FleasGang

Minou said...

pappy can have the atlantic - we've got the pacific.. oh and several starbucks

William Tell said...

Woohoo! Pappy rules!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Jackson said...

Good work, Pappy! I claim the English Channel! J x