Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fair Weather Dog

Dateline: Maine

It was kind of sweet this morning when my wife went out kayaking. Pappy wandered out into the surf gazing after her, wandering farther and farther out. I called him back in and he ran up to the sea wall and just stared after her longingly, like a widow of the sea. Later when she was paddling back in I pointed her out to him, because my wife would have been charmed to see him pining away for her. Of course he just kept patrolling the beach like I was telling him to find his ball, even as she landed. He's brilliant, just not terribly cooperative.

Pappy Watching The Sea


Ippo said...

I found your blog & I must say you've done a good job taking care of Pappy from the time you adopted him.

William Tell said...

Great shot of Pappy. He does look like he's lost his best friend to the sea and he's doing some deep thinking about it.

William Tell

Jackson said...

What a lovely photo! J x

Golden Retriever Picture said...

picture perfect!
its not everyday you can see photo like this.
great site by the way =)

arings said...

hey... great post and the pics are nice too! Pappy is really lovable. I have two blogs. Please check out these and let me what you think: